20th February - Today's News: Snowdon Becoming Warmer and Wetter

Snowdon getting 'warmer and wetter' says 15 year survey - the lack of lying snow on the higher peaks of North Wales has been well noted in recent years.

We actually has some more snow in Evesham on Sunday! Well, a little. It was a good ol' 'wintry mix' of sleet, snow grains and small flakes. But a nice surprise to wake to, even if it only gave a very slight covering that was soon gone. Winter's not over yet and although spring temperatures just days away, there are still indications that we could see some colder spells and even a risk of more snow as we go into March.

More here on the drought summits as rivers in England dry up - interesting to note in the map that most of Worcestershire at only a moderate risk. Except for the Vale which is at high risk. And in the Guardian today my friend John says a drought summit in winter feels wrong instinctively - ignore those instincts

Ferry hits pier at Oban in strong winds on Saturday

A remarkable story from Sweden as man survives two months in car buried in snow. But is it true?

In the US, winter storm snarls South, head out to sea

Motorists rescued as storm hits Sydney

Cold weather kills about 40 in Afghanistan

Madagascar: Cyclone Gionvanni death toll rising

Every February, if the weather is right, a little know spectacle lights up Yosemite

In the that 'well, I told you so' file this week: logging blamed for Philippine flood deaths

And a slightly off topic story, but one I've been 'rambling on' about for years: warning over decline in map skills as ramblers rely on sat navs


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