7th February - Today's News: Floods Follow Freeze in Eastern Europe

Greece declares emergency in flood hit north whilst there are floods in Bulgaria: evacuation of district in Svilengrad after dam bursts in Bulgaria, 8 killed in floods. So far, the European cold snap toll tops 360.

And it's not just Europe, as China gripped by unusual cold spell as well.

Whilst there's no more snow on the horizon - except perhaps the odd flurry here and there - it does look like the rest of this week will bring my favourite weather as UK weather turns cold but sunny. We could see the lowest temperatures of the winter by the end of the week.

La Nina brings record-breaking rains to Australia over the past 2 years

Vanuatu braces for Cyclone Jasmine

Unusual February tropical system douses south Florida

So far, winter is 6th warmest ever in Illinois

Sunbathers pack out Ipanema beach as Rio de Janiero swelters in heatwave

Philippines earthquake toll rises as dig continues for landslide casualties

Michael Hanlon has what is actually quite an interesting piece in the Daily Mail today, explaining what real Siberian weather is like. Unfortunately some moron in the editing department decided to give it the totally misleading headline scaremongering weathermen need to chill out: this is not Siberian weather. Er, actually it's you lot in the gutter press who have been harping on about a Siberian freeze ever since September. Idiot!

Richard Black discusses whether the climate consensus cracking open - or not

And could an artificial volcano cool the planet? A study by US aerospace company Aurora Flight Sciences concludes it would be most cost effective to do so using a fleet of specially adapted 747s flying around the equator. But mught they have an ulterior motive, I wonder? And, signifiantly, it would appear that "no attempt is made to quantify the potential benefits or the risks involved in the likely disruption of weather patterns on earth."


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